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Recipe Zaar

My absolute favorite recipe website is  I stumbled across it months ago, and I’ve gotten so many great recipes from it!  My favorite feature is the fact that you can search by preparation method – slow cooker, OMAC, etc., but they have so many different search options.  It’s a lot of fun and so useful!


My Miche Bag

I just got my Miche bag last month and I am so in love with this purse!  I first discovered it when a member of the gym where I work brought hers in.  The concept is so simple but so amazing!  The purse is a basic black bag, but there are magnets on the outside lining – they use a special kind of magnet that will not effect your credit cards, debit cards, or cell phone.  You can buy dozens of adorable magnetic shells for the purse, then whenever you want to change your purse, just pull off one shell and put on another.  For a purse junkie like myself, this is a dream come true!  I have 5 shells for mine now, and I already have several more picked out to buy.  It is worth every penny you will spend on it!  Check it out at