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My Family

In 1999, I met the most awesome man alive, and in 2000, I married him.  It’s hard to believe we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary next year!  We have been blessed with the two greatest little boys in the world, who are now 7 and 4.  (I always tell people, how many women can say they live with the 3 best looking men alive?)  We are a very close knit family, and we love being together and having fun together.  I can honestly say that while life may not always be easy, it is always fun with them around!

I think everyone who knows me would agree that my life boils down to two things – faith and family.  That pretty much sums me up as a person.  I’m so grateful God brought my wonderful family into my life.  They mean the world to me.



I am so thankful for cooking, and for cooking for my family…for some people that might sound like a nightmare, but to me, it’s something great, especially after after our house flooded in Hurricane Ike and I was without a kitchen for months!

I guess I’m something of an unlikely chef.  I never cooked when I was growing up.  I didn’t even have any interest in really trying to.  When I got married, my poor husband got the point of just asking what kind of Hamburger Helper we were having for dinner that night – it was all we ate!  I literally didn’t know how to boil an egg.  When I finally got tired of that, I started experimenting…that was worse.  Some nights dinner was inedible.  But over time, I started learning what sounded good and what didn’t, and my experiments got better.  Now I love to cook and bake…if anything, my husband gets tired of me experimenting because I don’t cook his old favorites often enough!  It’s relaxing to go into the kitchen, whip up something yummy, and hear my husband and kids say, “Wow!  This is really good.”

Thankful Thursday

Today is my first meeting with my college advisor…I’m nervous, but I’m so excited too!  I’m so grateful for the chance to return to college.

I dropped out of college after two years to marry my husband, and a few months later, I found out I was expecting my oldest.  I’ve never regretted quitting – I was a straight A student on a full academic scholarship, taking 18 hours a semester, and I was so completely burned out.  To add it, I really didn’t know what I wanted to study or what career I wanted to pursue.  I needed a break, but I always knew I wanted to go back.  For years, I held onto the dream, but the time was never right…until now.  So today I start a new chapter in my life, and it’s one that I’m really excited about.   College, here I come!

Thankful Thursday

For my first Thankful Thursday, I have to start with what I am most grateful for, and that’s my relationship with Christ.  My faith shapes everything I do, and it’s absoultely at the top of my gratitude list!  I’ grateful that I was raised in a Christian home, and that I had great role models to follow and to help guide me through rocky times, especially my teens.  Without Christ, I am nothing, but through Him, I can do anything.  I am so grateful for His love!